ItinUTM Product Integration Options

Easy Integration

with your site within MINUTES by adding just 1 line of code

Advanced Integration

with your existing databases, hosting infrastructure and business logic


product customizations and reselling as per business branding needs

Extended Services

include web development, viral marketing, video production and other services

Why ItinU for Businesses?

How can ItinUTM experts help your hospitality business?

Business Benefits

Optimize Revenue

demand forecasting and tailored e-commerce solutions

Drive Down Costs

with data-driven insights into your operations

Increase Loyalty

through increased user engagement and tailored marketing

Attract Affiliates

by providing a platform for local vendors to reach visitors

Why ItinU for Local Vendors?

How can ItinUTM experts help increase your business visibility?

Local Vendor Benefits

Generate Revenue

from increased visitors to your online and offline hospitality properties

Timely Payments

no more delays and waiting to be paid - focus on providing great services

Lower Commission Costs

you do the work, you KEEP more revenue with lower commission fees!!

Reach Market

with visitors making bookings via our widget on partner websites

Get Certified for Local Vendors!

Initial and Ongoing certification process to make certain we are providing the top providers to visitors

Onsite Screenings

Ratings & Reviews

Ongoing Support

Extended Services

Our Company

Our team consists of business and technical experts in the following areas:

Strategic Sales and Finance
Marketing and Branding
Big Data and E-commerce
Cultural Strategy and Concierge Services

We are dedicated to catering to the needs of our clients and their visitors.

Our Extended Services

A website is needed for our widget. Need a website or update? Let ItinU help! Rates starting from $100/hour.

"A picture is worth a 1000 words". What about video? Connect with visitors through engaging content today!

Increase revenue from increased visitors with cutting-edge analytics and viral marketing features.

Why ItinU for Visitors?

Wish there was a faster way to plan a dream trip?
Let ItinUTM ease your travel planning pains

Visitor Benefits

Save Time

creating an itinerary customized to your preferences in SECONDS with an interactive widget

One Stop

for itinerary planning and booking of attractions, interests and local services... all included in ONE PLACE

Plan Socially

with the help and advice from experts, family and friends for a well-rounded travel experience

Optimize Time

at your DESTINATION with no more regrets of not knowing what to do or services not being available